Partners Community Management has the unique ability to provide our Board members and residents with a more personalized approach to the management of their community with flexibility, accessibility, transparency, and creativity. How do we do it? It's simple. It's all about relationships. We choose our partners carefully because we're in it for the long-term - we're looking for happily ever after. We never lose sight of our primary goal, which is for you to simply enjoy living in your community.

Education and Training - Managers and Boards of Directors

Education and Training - Managers

We believe in the ongoing training and education of our community managers. It's in our DNA. We require our community managers to obtain their industry designations and we assist them in their pursuit of continuing education. Our professional staff holds CAI designations such as PCAM (Professional Community Association Manager), AMS (Association Management Specialist), and CMCA (Certified Manager of Community Associations). We also provide in-house training and support for our community managers' ongoing educational experience through HOA industry seminars and luncheons.

Education and Training - Boards of Directors

You're a volunteer and your time is valuable. We understand this and admire your love of community. With great respect for your time, we encourage our Board members to take advantage of our complimentary Board Member Training. Why? Because an educated Board better understands their roles and responsibilities and makes better decisions for their community. And this equates to better use of your time and a more rewarding Board member experience.

Mid-Rise/High-Rise Specialists

Soaring skylines. Views to die for. Glass and steel. Mid-rise/high-rise living is very specialized. When you need an HOA management company to provide this unique type of service, you want a company that knows the difference between a cooling tower and an air conditioner. You want a company that has an emergency plan before there's an emergency. You want a company that understands communication is key - residents need to know when an elevator is down for maintenance or repair; if the garage is flooded after an intense rain (rare in southern California, but it happens!); and what the protocol is for moving in and out of the building - as well as the proper use of elevators during this time. You want an HOA management company that already knows what to do.

Mid-Rise/High-Rise Specialists
Historic Building Specialists

Historic Building Specialists

History. Tradition. Authenticity. The past. Our Historic Building Specialist understands the unique requirements of an historic building and the importance of these unique buildings to our southern California story. Whether it's the restoration of historic wooden windows or understanding the difference between gabled, shed, hipped, and flat roofs or that balusters and rails are the areas most vulnerable to the elements, we get it!

Giving Back

Partners Community Management is a strong believer in giving back to the greater community - we're all in this together! Like our communities, we're particular about how our valuable dollars are spent and where we give our time. When we choose to partner with a charity, we make sure our dollars go where they'll do the most good.

Giving Back

We've been using Partners Community Management since 2013 because they are always focused on helping our Board build a better and stronger community within our Homeowner's Association.


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