How To Prepare Your Community For Spring

Southern California is beautiful in springtime! Spring is a season of renewal and regrowth..a time for doing those things you've been putting off while waiting for warm, sunny days. Spring is also a great time to bring your community together to foster community spirit! Here are some tips to help prepare your community for spring:

  1. Update your vendor contracts

    Community associations have many different vendor contracts, which may include the following:

    • Landscape
    • Pool maintenance
    • Maintenance/maintenance personnel
    • Trash

    Use the spring season to renew and update vendor contracts to ensure your amenities are in great condition for the residents to enjoy as the weather warms up!

    Are you looking to fill a service need? At Partners Community Management, we have built strong relationships with many different vendors, making it easy for our team to find the right service provider for your community. We will recommend vendors that have already been thoroughly vetted for licensing, insurance and service.

  2. Organize a community garage sale

    Another great way that community associations use springtime to bring their community together is by having a community-wide garage sale! Spring is when all of us are looking to clean out our cabinets to get rid of those things we don't need or want any longer. Planning a large, community-wide garage sale allows residents to declutter their homes and connect with neighbors.

  3. Arrange a community spring-cleaning event

    Bring your entire community together with a community spring-cleaning event. All ages are welcome! Volunteer-based, this event is a great opportunity to involve kids of all ages in the community. These events help kids understand why it's important to keep their community clean. You can focus on clearing public spaces of debris; or removing and replacing dead plant material; or picking up litter that may have accumulated in the nooks and crannies of the community. Use this event to get your community ready for lots of outdoor fun! And...refreshments are always welcome!

  4. Send a spring newsletter

    Let your residents know what's happening in the community! Consider sending a spring newsletter to your residents. Your newsletter can include the following information:

    • Important community updates
    • Community-wide events - what's happening!
    • Spring cleaning tips
    • Maintenance and landscaping requirements

    Make the newsletter fun and informative. Don't hesitate to share information about happenings outside your community, too. Help your residents prepare their own homes, just like you're preparing the community!

  5. Assess your landscaping needs

    You probably have landscaping in your community's common areas. Spring is a time for new plant growth, especially in southern California. Use the spring growing season to assess your landscaping needs and wants and to decide on any changes. Don't hesitate to involve your residents - this could be a great time to create a Landscape Committee. Including your residents in the process is always a positive!

Spring is here..outdoor fun is near! Don't let the opportunity for community improvement pass you by this spring. The tips in this article will help prepare your community for the days and months ahead. And all of us at Partners Community Management are here to help you accomplish your goals which, in turn, will lead to a stronger HOA. Contact us today and let us know how we can help you on the path to a thriving community!

Transparency, safety, and community are all hallmarks of their practice - we can't say enough good things about Partners!


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