How To Choose a Great HOA Board

The HOA Board is key to a community's success. A great HOA Board works collaboratively, prioritizes the community's well-being, and operates transparently. Yet, to ensure you have the best HOA Board possible, you must choose the right members.

HOA Board members are volunteers and come from the HOA community. Some Board members are experienced and some are novices. You need a fool-proof system to ensure you choose the right people to represent your HOA. The following tips will help you choose a great HOA Board.

1) Define the roles. You will find the best Board members when you are extremely clear about their roles. For example, if you are looking for a financial expert, clarify this to the candidates. If you're looking for someone with a diverse skill set, ensure each aspect of the role is well-defined. Candidates should know exactly what will be expected of them if they become HOA board members.

2) Look for committed individuals. Being an HOA board member is a time-consuming and sometimes stressful position. You need people who are committed to the Board and the community. Look for people who have gone above and beyond in serving the HOA. Ensure they have the time needed to fulfill their responsibilities to the Board. For example, if candidates work eighty hours per week, they might not have time to attend Board meetings and, therefore, may not be the right person for the position.

3) Encourage transparency. Make the process you use to find board members as transparent as possible. Doing so will set a strong precedent of transparency for each new board member. You should also ensure that all community members have access to information about candidates, their qualifications, and their long-term goals for the HOA.

4) Prioritize people with a diverse skill set. Sometimes an HOA board needs a new member with a specific skill, such as knowledge of the legal system. However, unless a particular need arises, look for potential members with diverse skill sets as these individuals can fill many roles. They should have experience in hard skills like financial management, leadership, property management, etc. and soft skills such as good communication, conflict resolution, and personability. The more well-rounded the person, the better the board member they will be.

5) Evaluate their communication capabilities. Excellent communication is key to a great board member. They need to be able to communicate with fellow board members, residents, and vendors. Look for candidates who can clearly convey information and actively listen to others. Make evaluating communication capabilities part of your interview process and you will be on your way toward choosing an ideal board member.

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