Tips To Keep Your Community Safe

One of the most important responsibilities of a community association Board of directors is to keep their community safe. Yet, HOA board members may feel overwhelmed by this responsibility or worry that they do not know the best way to do this.

This is where we can help! Use the tips below to start increasing the safety and security of your community today.

Top Seven Tips for Keeping Your Community Safe

Want to know the best ways to keep your community safe? Here are our top seven tips.

  1. Establish a Neighborhood Watch program:

    Neighborhood Watch programs are resident-led groups that look out for the community. These people work together with local law enforcement to reduce crime in their communities. They do this by establishing regular patrols and reporting suspicious activity. Starting a Neighborhood Watch program is also a great way to encourage community involvement from your residents.

  2. Educate residents:

    The more educated your residents, the safer they will be! Strong safety education involves tips on crime prevention, emergency preparedness checklists, and information about how they can report suspicious behavior. Holding regular community meetings or putting the information in newsletters can ensure as many residents as possible receive this important information.

  3. Use proper lighting:

    A lot of crime occurs in the dark. If you keep your community well-lit, it will discourage criminals from operating there. Keep common areas, sidewalks, and parking lots illuminated and use security cameras in these spaces to help further prevent crime.

  4. Implement access control:

    Gates, fences, and electronic access systems can prevent unauthorized entry into your community. Some communities use security guards to ensure that only residents and their guests receive access.

  5. Enforce rules and regulations:

    Your community has rules and regulations for a reason. Often, these controls are in place to ensure safety. By enforcing the rules and regulations of your community, you will be creating a safer environment for your residents.

  6. Employ emergency preparedness:

    Emergencies can - and do - happen. You cannot prevent disasters, but you can prepare for them. Residents should know what to do in case of a fire, natural disaster, or other emergency. Include this information in a newsletter or on your website/social media profiles to get the word out.

  7. Communicate, communicate, communicate:

    Many of the previous tips on this list have focused on good communication. You should be transparent and open in your communication with residents. Doing so will encourage residents to bring concerns to the Board. In addition, you should encourage communication by providing a variety of channels for residents to report safety issues promptly.

As you can see, there are many things a Board can do to improve the safety of their community. At Partners Community Management, we can provide solutions tailor-made for your community. Whether your community is an HOA, condominium association, or any other type of community association, we want to work with you! We are the Greater Los Angeles, San Gabriel Valley, and North Orange County areas' source for superior community management.

Contact us today and start changing your community for the better!


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